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Mr.Nizamuddin is the first and foremost person of Date Palmcultivator in South India. It is a Dream comes true when the Desert fruit, Date palm, was being cultivated in Tamilnadu for about 3000 acres, thanks to its adaptability under drought conditions. There is vast scope for further extending the area under Date palm (Phoenix dactylifera), thanks to the presence of wasteland in abundance. Mr.Nizamuddin one of the Date Palm Scientist available in India. District Collectors, State high level officers, Agriculture College Scientists, Agriculture College students visited our Date palm field amazed and appreciated the success of this crop.

The real importance of this chief of all fruits in the world could well be gauged from the fact that date palms and dates have been referred in view of high nutritive value. World production of dates has almost tripled, while export has increased by 1.71% in the last 40 years indicating an increase in the demand for this nutritious fruit. High-energy date fruits have been placed high on the diets of the health conscious. Though the fruit still has untapped potential in the food industry, it also lends itself to countless medicinal and other uses. Though Indian consumption of dates fruits are very less when compared to other countries, we stand in the first position of importing huge quantity of about 5 lakhs tonnes of dates every year.

What We Do?

Dates Nursery Farms

Presently commercial farming is the buzzword in agriculture, but how far the fact has percolated into the farming community, remains largely doubtful, as many still stick on to conventional crops and old farming pattern. The courage to take the initiative, innovative in the cultivation of crops like Date palm requiring less water and provide more income not only to the farmers but to our nation with constructive measures like wasteland development.

Afgan Nursery Farms

In addition to Dates, We are promoting 'AFGAN FIG' crop which will give a very good yield and income every year from the first year of planting itself. Figs are consumed fresh, and after sun or artificial drying. They have been an important fruit of commerce in the eastern Mediterranean region since antiquity, and today are grown in many parts of the world. Figs have a high sugar content and are a fair source of vitamins A, B, and B2. The fig fruit is actually a hollow receptacle with hundreds of small fleshy flowers facing each other on the inside. In their native habitat, figs are pollinated by a tiny gall wasp that enters the flower cluster through a small opening in the apex. Each flower then produces a small fruit containing the seeds.

Dates Exports

We are one of the highly acclaimed companies that cultivate and supply an exclusive range of Yellow and red dates. These fruits are soft in texture and are free from moisture. These dates are sweet to taste and are mouth watering. In terms of nutrition these fruits are very healthy with low fat. The fruits have high amount of minerals and vitamins.

Afghan Fig Seedlings

We supply best varieties of Afghan figs.Within 6 months of -planting they give fruits. Daily income for 5 months is guaranteed, full of medical properties. Market price is high for these Afghan figs. We sell only imported varieties of fig.

Inter Crops Cultivation

In between the date palm plants, following can be intercropped: usiri (amla), anjur (fig), bathai, seethaphal, danimma, groundnuts, redgrams, green grams, horse grams, til, sunflowers, maize, jawari, sorgum (sajja), ragi, korra, kusuma, floriculture: marigold (banthi), jasmin, roses, lilly, chamanthi, kapakambaralu, etc. Palmarosa grass, lemon grass, aloevera, aswaganda, shathavari, ect. All leafy vegetables and other vegetable can be grown if water is sufficient. Date Plam is unisexual tree pollination is absolutely essential for every 20 female trees. Arificial pollination by hand has to be done. For better pollination. Honey bee rearing is to be introduced, which gives side income also. Protection: To protect the plants from cattle and other trees passes, the plantation area has to be feneed with barbed wire. The fruit bunches have to be covered withNylon nets or plastic nets in order to protect the fruits from birds. Monkeys and squirrels.

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