Medicinal Uses

The fruit, because of its tannin content, is used medicinally as a detersive and astringent in intestinal troubles. In the form of an infusion, decoction, syrup or paste, is administered as a treatment for sore throat, colds bronchial catarrh

It is taken to relieve fever, cystisis, gonorrhea, edema, liver and abdominal troubles. And it is said to counteract alcohol intoxication.The seed powder is best medicine for Diabetic patients.The seed powder is an ingredient in a paste given to relieve ague.

A gum that exudes from the wounded trunk is employed in India for treating diarrhea and genito-urinary ailments. It is diuretic and demulcent. The roots are used against toothache. The pollen yields an estrogenic principle, estrone, and has a gonadotropic effect on young rats.

Date is remedy for potassium deficiency diseases

Dates is a general restorative if eaten as a daily food. Dates treats the cardiac disorder especially after diarrhea and vomiting or after diuretic medications

Date as lactagogue

Dates containing Potassium; Glycine and Threonine; which activate the milk hormone (prolactin). Dates acts as lactagogue if it is used in daily feeding of a woman in her lactation period.

Date as aphrodisiac

Remedy of Dates mixed with milk and cinnamon is aphrodisiac and activates the formation of sexual desire.
A breakfast meal composed of black bread and cooked yolk (seven eggs) with 100 gram Agua (or Dates) and 15 gram margarine is aphrodisiac food. This breakfast must followed with a cup of milk or carrot juice thus activates the sexual behavior.

Date and tumors

Feeding on Dates increases the body immunity and resistance to cancer diseases. Estron hormone is extracted from date kernels (seeds) and treated chemically to obtain 'stradiol' which can be used for cancer treatment.

Date and abscesses

A remedy of warm Agua paste (or Dates paste) and margarine is applied externally on the abscesses. The remedy is analgesic and a local antipyretic.

Date and skin allergy

Remedy of Dates paste in water is antihistaminic, the remedy is externally applied to the skin. Food containing Dates is sedative to allergy. Zinc is the activeingredient inducing allergic inhibition.

Date and poisonous bites

Prophet Mohammed said that: The direct external use of Dates paste on the poisonous bites gets rid of its poisonous effect.

Date and Muslim's fasting

Muslims in the fasting month (Ramadan) start their meals with Dates soaked in water for a period ranging from 3-12 hours. Soaked Dates containing soluble sugars, which are absorbed in 5 minutes from the soft tissues of the digestive tract.
Dates sugars re compensate the loss in the level of blood sugar during the fasting period

Date and delivery

The consumption of Dates as ingredient of the daily meals of a woman after and before her delivery is acting as tonic for uterine muscles. In addition to its help activating the delivery process as well as prevent the post delivery bleeding due to the presence of constricting substance in Dates; the quiet typical example for this case Virgin Mary delivery and her feeding on Dates.

Date and pediatric anxiety

A child consumes seven dates daily; is a remedy for anxiety and nervous disorders.

Date and ascaris

Daily dosage of seven dates Agua before sleeping kills ascaris worms due to its dysentery effect.

Date stones and eyes

The burned date seeds (stones) were powdered and added to 'kohl' (50%/50%; wt/wt). The remedy improves the ophthalmic and activates the growth of eye lashes.

Date and chest infection

A remedy used for throat and chest infections is: 50 gram Dates, 50 gram fig, 50 gram hibiscus and 50 gram dried grapes ( fruits). The mixture boiled in one liter water. The remedy is one dosage three times daily; it is recommended as an expectorant.

Date and renal calculei

A cup of hot Dates decoction (seven Dates) two times daily for a period of 15 days; the remedy is lithonotryptic and diuretic.

A drink made from powdered date stones with dosage three times daily, is lithonotryptic for hepatic and renal calculei.

Date and dehydration

Dates decoction free from fibrous material is added to some table salt to recompensate for water and mineral loss. This remedy used to treat the dehydration resulting after vomiting and diarrhea. Date and hemorrhoids
The continuous feeding on Dates relief the hemorrhoids pains and increases the body resistance to this disease. The calcium, phosphorus and iron of dates are active ingredients in treatment of hemorrhoids.

Date and obesity

A daily meal containing Dates and almond or peanuts activates the person obesity.

Date and dermatitis

A medicinal soap made of powdered date stones, fats, alkali and antimicrobial substance is used for treatment of skin allergy and acrodermatitis.

Date and gout

A researches on Dates stones (seeds) were carried out in Egyptian Institute of Medicinal researches. The researches revealed that a coffee made from powdered Dates stones drunk twice daily relieves the gout pains.

Date and bronchial asthma

Decoction of Dates and fenugreek if drunk twice daily is recommended in the treatment of bronchial asthma.

Date and hyperacidity

Agua when added to the food gets rid of stomach hyperacidity as,well as blood acidity.

Date and general health

Mixture of 50 gram nuts (pinus + hazel nut + almond + walnut) and 50 gram of Dates were added to 15 gram margarine. The mixture is a dosage of one spoon (10 gram) before breakfast followed with a cup of hot Chamomil decoction. The mixture has general benefits for health and activity especially cardiac muscles and nervous system in addition to its increase of body immunity.

Date and renal disorder

Dates is a renal restorative; its daily consumption prevents the formation of renal calculei due to its diuretic and anti-inflammatory actions.

Date and night blindnessthe daily consumption of Dates in meals and its decoction as eye-lotion help in maintenance of eye hygiene and remedy curative to the night blindness and ophthalmia.

Many Uses and Benefits of the tree other than fruits Handicrafts, such as ropes and mats can be woven from the branches of the tree, while the bark is very useful as a building material. Even the date stone is used as cattle feed, once it has been soaked and powdered. The juice from the date palm is an ingredient in baking and cooking.

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